About Us

IDS is one of the largest Market research Data Collection & Data Processing supplier in the Middle East & Asia-Pacific Region, it has developed a reputation for providing high quality service across a wide cross-section of industries. IDS headquartered in Dubai, it has operational offices in Indonesia, India, and Saudi Arabia.

Using advanced processes and technological tools, IDS offer high quality results in astonishingly viable timing & actionable insights. Our Mission is to provide high quality research findings & understanding of complex consumer profiles & how business can tap directly into their habits, aspirations & attitudes.

Our Qualitative & Quantitative Data Collection Systems are based on innovative & advanced techniques and proven to impact the business outcome.

We are well versed in

Quantitative - F2F Surveys - CAPI (Online/ Offline) | CATI | CAWI | B2B

Mystery Shopping | Healthcare Survey

Qualitative - FGD | IDI | CLT- Recruitment | Facility | Transcriptions

Data Processing – (CAPI /CATI /CAWI - Survey Scripting | Data Entry | Data Coding | Data Validation | Tabulation | Report Generation | Dash Board)

We believe that quality results & reports are driven by perseverance, sincere efforts, regular internal monitoring, cost effectiveness, adherence to given timelines & transparency. These traits are our valuable assets & effective tools to meet the client satisfaction & to provide end to end research findings.

Our thirst for finding more & diving deep to come out with valuable results is endless.

We are very much equipped to work out in very stringent timelines given to our client which is why we have marched so far in arena of MENA & SEA Markets.

Mission and Vision


To be the trusted brand in providing outstanding data collection and data processing in Emerging Markets for leading organizations.

IDS aims to achieve its mission through:

  • Being legendary for generating the highest quality of market knowledge, to assist our clients in making the most effective business and marketing decisions possible
  • Building and maintaining robust, long-term relationships with our clients and treasuring "client share" rather than "market share"
  • Creating a work environment that offers all our team members career development, performance-based remuneration, a safe and fun workplace as well as camaraderie among colleagues


- The most recognized independent brand in the emerging market research-based consulting space
- Vibrant full-service offices in each of the world's emerging market regions and time zones
- A critical mass of repeat clients, together with strong, sustained growth in new clients
- A thriving team united around the brand's Mission, Vision, Values and Code of Honor


IDS is vibrant and unique corporate personality is defined and guided by the following values:

Integrity is fundamental to all that we do

We recognize that our most valuable assets are our team members and their reputation for quality and integrity. Our corporate culture emphasizes the importance of the highest standards of ethics from all our team members in everything we do.

Building and maintaining long-term relationships

We treasure the long-term relationships we have with our clients. Therefore, we invest in a strategic understanding of each client's business to exceed our clients' expectations and anticipate their changing needs.


We believe in equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, national origins and personal creed. We value our diversity and the unique skills that all our team members bring.

About Us