Mystery Shopping

IDS Mystery shopping team is one of the largest in MENA and SEA .We carry out studies in various methods to fulfill our clients requirements .

  • Retail (Our agents visit your shop, pub, restaurant, bank branch, post office, car dealership or other premises. They may or may not purchase, depending on how essential that is to achieving your objectives. They may be asking about insurance, a loan or a mortgage. Or they belong to your club and report back on how it feels to be a member.
  • Business-to-Business(Our agents attend conferences and meetings, sit in on sales presentations, make wholesale or trade enquiries and purchases, apply to join business groups and professional bodies.
  • Telephone –(Our agents make calls pretending to be customers and report back on how the call was handled. They can test all your telephone lines (quick speed-and-greet or longer calls), your call Centre, and your email response, as well as your web site. We can provide digital recordings of every call to help you coach staff towards excellence. They can test how you responded after business hours, how professionally your staff transferred calls and how quickly and efficiently you sent fulfillment by post.
  • We have text phones to test your response to disabled callers and mobile numbers so we can accept callbacks
  • Internet (Internet sites which offer a response facility have acquired a poor reputation - it often seems that response forms disappear forever into the ether. We can monitor your site giving you feedback on usability and functionality, and how quickly and reliably our enquiries receive a response from your company. We have a panel of home internet users who carry out this service using a variety of different email addresses.

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