IDS Car Clinics – A Static Model review

Expanding consumer base, growing wealth of population, lower cost of vehicle ownership, attractive insurance and financing options and availability of low-cost fuel have all driven sales of new automotive vehicles in silhouette of Arab Peninsula.

Although vehicle sales in the GCC are have remained subdued during 2016 and will be under pressure in 2017, the automobile sector is poised for growth in the coming years to 2020.1

Growing investments in vehicle and component manufacturing: The region is going to be home to many vehicle manufacturers as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman are receiving investments to set up automotive manufacturing plants. The governments are also providing incentives and devising plans to establish themselves as regional automobile manufacturing hubs.

A growing automotive aftermarket: Increasing number of vehicles coupled with hot climatic conditions and a rugged terrain, which affects the lifespan of tires and batteries, has created a thriving automotive aftermarket in the region.

Increasing adoption of technology: The rising number of tech-savvy people and use of social media for reviews and recommendations have encouraged the automobile dealers to establish online presence. On the other hand, the Internet, combined with new technologies, is revolutionizing the automobile industry, with the advent of connected vehicles.

The impression of growing threshold in automotive industry, manufacturers are now keen to deep dive into consumers behavior, their personification, usage & attitude and to understand their intension of vehicle purchase and how could potential customers be put on call to action.

Having said so, we at IDS Research are continuously thriving to our valuable automotive clients by conducting Car Clinics to give them real touch of customers experience on board.

Our automotive focus groups are being driven by quality customers. We get at the heart of what they really think and feel about the vehicles they own and the ones they are intending to purchase.

Car clinics nurture with the insight and data to conceptualize, manufactures and customize vehicles to the desires and perceptions of their customers. A car clinic could be described as an extensive analysis which can be either based on the dynamic or involving motion or static, involving stationary prototypes or test materials.

During a car clinic, respondents get the opportunity to experience vehicle design, performance, interior/exterior and competitor test materials, which results into getting brand perception, brand personification, individual specifications, exterior & interior evaluation such as-

Individual Specifications- Smartphone integration, Navigation systems, Connectivity/ App, Safety and Assistance Systems, Electric Drive etc.

Exteriors- Design of car front, Design of Rear side, Sides Design of Sides, Design of Roof, Car side mirrors, Height of Car, Headlights, Grille, Bumper Hood, Ground Clearance, Tailpipes, Luggage compartment etc.

Interiors- Driver seat area, Car Seats, Leg Space, Roominess in the front, Roominess in the back, Dashboard, Quality of material used, Technology used, Infotainment system, Steering Wheel, Console, Safety condition, Air conditioner, Mirrors etc.