Consumer Research

IDS Research & Consultancy guide you to the step by step process in the Consumer Research and improving the overall performance of marketing insights

IDS have expertise in conducting different types of studies across a range of domains using our Quantitative and Qualitative fieldwork methodologies.

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Data Collection Methodology



In-depth interviews & Group Discussions Rooms

Client Viewing Rooms

  • Simultaneous translator facilities
  • Audio-Video recording
  • Viewing facilities for client: closed circuit and/or one way mirror viewing room

Latest Data Collection Methodology in Consumer Research

One of the latest data collection method is using Mobile phones – Self Administered interviews using the online link/appssmartphone_625x350_81419423807

  1. Create easily 
  2. Faster & actionable
  3. Fetch data on real time
  4. Respondent choose time and place

Database Size

  • 90000 in UAE
  • 150000 in KSA

We can create customized surveys basis your needs with low cost

More qualitative methods we do

26Focus Group Discussions
The most popular methodology in the region. Their regular length is of 1h 30 to 2 hours. 7-8 respondents usually attend.

Mini groups with 4-5 respondents
Triads with 3 respondents

27Home visits
Can easily be arranged even though we would only have access to certain parts of the house .

Video recording may not be possible all the time especially among females and locals due to social and cultural barriers.

28In-depth interviews
Regular length is of 1 hour. Couple interviews are possible.

Ethnographic Interviews with detailed administration; normally it will be around 3-4 hours. It can be a home-visit or drive along or F2F or shop along etc…

29Accompanied Shopping
Is possible although often limited to a simple shadowing in the absence of the retailer permission to conduct the study. A detailed accompanied shopping can be conducted if permission is provided by the retailer. Shop along session can be immediately followed by an in-depth interview for deep probing into the shopping behaviour and nuances

Industry/Sector we cover


Food & Beverage


Consumer Durables

Goverment Education & Public Health

Hygiene & Beauty

Financial Services

Technology /Telecoms

FMCG & Retail / Tobacco